From Dealership Assistant to Successful Entrepreneur

Born and raised amongst a family of car dealers, Mike Goicoechea is a self-taught entrepreneur, CEO, and outdoorsman. After teaching himself to code and program in his college dorm, he founded Dealerslink, an automotive software solution aimed at helping his father and his fellow car dealers better source inventory. Today, Mike and his team have grown Dealerslink into the largest dealer-to-dealer marketplace in the nation, having developed a variety of software solutions to help every kind of car dealer. 

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Born in a Dealership

When we say DealersLink was “born in a dealership,” we really mean that DealersLink was born in a dealership. No, we’re not using it as

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Importance of Teamwork

If there’s anything that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, it’s the importance of teamwork. This wasn’t something I learned over night, or within a few

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