What Growing Up in a Dealership Taught Me About Business

In my opinion, there’s no better business to grow up in as a young entrepreneur than a car dealership. The people. The hustle. The dedication. There’s nowhere else like it. Growing up at my father’s dealership, I learned their value from a very young age.

A car dealership is a versatile business, and those who work there utilize a variety of different skillsets, every day. First off, there are sales and customer service skills. Car dealers are interacting with customers on a daily basis, not just to sell them a vehicle, but more than anything, to make them happy. Not only are these skills important to have for the automotive industry, but they are transferable anywhere you decide to take your career.

Then, there are the marketing skills. A large part of being a car dealer is marketing your business by successfully communicating to your consumers that your dealership can get them a better deal than the competition. There are a lot of in-person meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions. This aspect of being a car dealer teaches you self-confidence, and to be comfortable speaking in front of others. Again, these are great skills to take with you anywhere in your career.

Last but not least, working at a car dealership gives you the opportunity to take risks, something that not every industry allows you to do. The constantly changing environment of automotive, coupled with a high level of technological innovations, allows dealers to truly think outside the box when it comes to everything from sales techniques, to marketing practices, to sourcing inventory. Car dealers are some of the most innovative people out there and at a car dealership, you’re given the opportunity to both fail and succeed on your own accord. If you want to try something new that you think will work, you’re given that opportunity. We’ve all failed at some point in our careers, but the most important thing I’ve learned working at a car dealership is, that if you don’t succeed at first, always try again!

Have you worked in a dealership? What were some of the most valuable things you learned? Comment below!


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